There are presently no open calls for submissions.

For our second issue, we’re celebrating  things that almost turned a century old, whether it’s a person born in  1920, a song from the Harlem Renaissance, the venerable sea bass at your  local aquarium, or the house you moved into recently. Not everything  and everyone fits nicely into anniversaries. The events of our lives do  not always conform to round numbers, so this issue is about rounding up,  commemoration, the wonder of comparison between the present and the  past. Please submit for “Almost Centenarian.” 

Please submit via Submittable.  Parallel submissions are welcome, but let us know as soon as possible  if your work is selected for publishing elsewhere. We’ll try to get back  to you promptly within about four to six weeks. Since we’re a small  operation, we’re not able to run a print version of the magazine at this  time. We can offer $10/page for first publication rights to your work.  (For prose work we can pay $10 a page up to the first three pages and  will limit submissions to 10 pages.) We’ll be in contact with you for  visual and audio submissions for compensation. If you are submitting a  translation, please make sure that you have the permission of the author  to translate their work and include the source text for us. Our reading  period for the first issue will extend until August. 

In your submission please include a short  (two or three sentences) biography that we can use in the event your  work is chosen. Please include several things that are NOT true about yourself. 


Submission of multiple poems is fine. Please limit your submission to no more than 5 pages of poetry, single-spaced, 12 pt font. 

Reviews, Essays, and Short Stories

Please limit your submission to no more than ten pages, single-spaced, 12 pt font. 


We’re happy to listen to anything, whether it’s a song, an audio essay, the pilot of a serial podcast, or a radio play that you’ve produced to showcase on our website.  


We’re looking for compelling multimedia  art to interact with the other pieces in our issue. It’s important that  your images be of the highest resolution. We’re interested in finding  something for the cover of each issue. Please limit the number of images  per submission to no more than five.